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Traffic Spikes Traffic Spikes

Traffic Spikes manufactured by our team... traffic spikes in stock & ready to ship.

GSA Advantage Traffic Spikes
Traffic Spikes

on TireShark™

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Traffic Spikes
Traffic Spikes

Our 2-Sided Warning Signs:

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Traffic Spikes warning sign

Available with surface mount or in-ground posts. © 2019

Traffic Spikes
Traffic Spikes Traffic Spikes

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Jeff is the Managing Member of the company, web-master, and product designer. He has designed the products that the company manufactures.

Our address is:

A Division of GR8 MFG, LLC

7739 E. Broadway Blvd #50

Tucson, AZ 85710

Call Stacey for quotes and pricing information:

Phone: (800)988-3308

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All content is copyright protected by GR8 MFG, LLC.  Nite-BiteTM is a trademark of GR8 MFG, LLC. TireShark™ and TrafficSpyker™ are brands of traffic safety equipment in the USA (™ by GR8 MFG, LLC)

We reserve the right to alter design specifications without prior notification (we upgrade finishing techniques and manufacturing processes as they become available). *25 year warranty covers manufacturing defect only, as determined by the manufacturer; TireShark™ brand traffic spike sections only; wear items, such as springs and bearings are not covered, but are easily replaced. It is rare that a broken spike is due to defect, it is usually caused by speeding vehicles. 5 mph max. Warranty begins on TireShark™ traffic spike sections purchased after 10/3/2014.

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