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Our 2-Sided Warning Signs:

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Traffic Spikes warning sign

Available with surface mount or in-ground posts. © 2019

Traffic Spikes
Traffic Spikes Traffic Spikes

Press Releases

Check back often for updates.

1/15/2021  Open and serving customers throughout the entire pandemic. Parts, sales, and customer service, all up and running.

5/5/2020  As always... MADE IN THE USA.

5/6/2019  Our new toll-free 800 # is launched.

8/20/2018  Visit our newest website at:

12/8/2016  Visit our newest website at:

1/27/2016  Under the same management since 2008, we continue to dominate online marketing of traffic spikes. Go with a winner!

7/22/2014  This has been a great year! We continue to hold the #1 position in Google searches for our product category.

9/12/2013  GR8 Holdings LLC has purchased the product designs, trademarks and websites established by Monsoon Mfg. LLC. We look forward to continuing excellence in sales and product design. All TireShark™ Traffic Spikes are now manufactured using laser cutting and computerized programmed brakes.

7/30/2013  Our outstanding line of traffic spikes has grown to include the TireShark™ 2500, 3750, and 5000. The TireShark™ 5000 is the WORLD’S STRONGEST system with a 1/2” thick, weld-free deck. Unlimited vehicle weight capability. Military tough!

3/5/2012  Amazing YELLOW powder coat color is now available on the TireShark™ brand of traffic spikes.

2/13/2012  This year has taken off! We have sold more traffic spikes in January 2012 than we did during the entire year of 2009. Thank you, everyone!

11/21/11 An affordable new parking lot security product will be announced on our website soon! Keep checking back for details.

5/24/11 New installation instructions.

5/23/11 We are the leading supplier of traffic spike products in the United States. We are #1 online and #1 with super heavy duty design. Don’t be fooled by ineffective copies of our high tech designs or poorly made units from China. We sell our own designs and others from a company that has high quality and integrity. Price and quality... we’ve got you covered.

5/10/11 We now offer our 2-sided Reflective Warning Signs as tamper-proof with a contemporary design and an updated look. No longer do you have to do a nice spike installation and install a warning sign with a dated look.

5/3/11 Google reported to us today that our TireShark™ brand traffic spikes have performed perfectly for them over the last year at their corporate offices. They report that they have a LOT of traffic driving over them and that they are quite satisfied.

4/18/11 There are many generic ways to describe these types of traffic spike products. Tiger Teeth, Cobra, Cobra II, Enforcer, Traffic Spikes, Guardian, 1230, 1236, 1130, 1160, 1167, and Sabre Tooth Controllers (Saber module) are generic words (non-trademarked) that have been in use for decades to describe parking lot traffic spikes (tire poppers). We can supply any of these to you. TireShark™ brand traffic spikes are exclusively available through Monsoon Manufacturing LLC. UPDATE: 5/08/2014  Regarding the public notice from 4/18/11, we have seen new flyers from a company that now claim trademark to several of the terms mentioned. Decades of not using the ™ put those names into the generic trademark category. We even have art, printed and electronically transmitted, that came directly from the maker that does not have the required ™ notice, even in their own logo art. If you are looking to purchase these items, we can provide them for you. This is an example of the type of marketing brochures that were used, proving that the names are of generic trademark. No claim (FOR YEARS) was made by the marketing and manufacturing company that they intended for the words to be a trademark. Click: NON-TRADEMARK USE OF THE WORD COBRA This is an example of marketing materials sent directly to us by the manufacturer, used in trade shows and mailed nationwide by the manufacturer. 5/12/2014  To this day, there are multiple dealers of the product that still promote the original literature WITHOUT the use of ™ marking, signaling how pervasive the non-claimed use of the words is. See 1 & 2.

2/25/2011  NEW! TireShark™ brand Traffic Spikes Systems began shipping with powder coated finish this week.

2/21/2011  NEW! We introduce our new website for our clients in Mexico: This new website is already ranking #1 in Google-Mexico online searches and will allow us to bring our quality products to corporations in Mexico that are in need of additional security. #1 in the US and now #1 in Mexico... look out world, here we come!

12/29/2010  NEW! We introduce the TireShark™ In-Ground Traffic Spike System. It is the most durable unit on the market (patent pending). Click here for details.

9/2/2010  We now carry the RoadBlade and TireShark™ (patent pending low profile traffic spike system... ideal for Corvettes and other high performance sports cars to cross over) line of traffic access control products.

8/3/2010  We now carry DKS DoorKing access control products in addition to our other lines.

10/23/2009  Orders have been going out around the world! Puerto Rico and Mexico are recent countries that we have shipping to. Where are you located?! We can get it there.

9/29/2009  We’re moving up in online search engine rankings! Our Alexa Ranking is the best in the industry. Hundreds of new visitors arrive at our web site daily. Our new zinc-free solutions are ideal for coastal communities concerned about run-off storm water mitigation.

6/23/2009  We have updated the Nite-BiteTM page with pictures of a reflective spike system at an apartment complex. We also carry traffic flow plates and directional flow plates.

3/01/2009  We have uploaded links to downloadable jpeg files next to our price list so that you can conveniently save and print the pricing for traffic spike products. If you would like to download our entire price list for review and/or printing, just right click on each of the following links to save it to your computer: Call for current pricing.

2/27/2009  We now offer hydraulic motors as an option on our motorized traffic controllers.

12/13/2008  Our ALL-NEW patrol vehicle, the GoblinAero, invented by our owner, Jeff Bales, will help your firm to save money with reduced insurance rates, almost non-existent maintenance costs, and no to low fuel costs. From $6995.

11/11/2008  We announce our new package deals for standard-duty Cobra traffic spike system. Please see our Home or Cobra page for pricing details.

10/29/2008  We are proud to announce that we are now a supplier to NATO. The US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, will be receiving their galvanized steel security system soon. Please keep our soldiers in your prayers. They have a tough job to do and we’re proud of them.

10/20/2008  PARCS - Parking Access Revenue Control Systems are available.

10/08/2008  We now offer our website in English, Spanish, and French lanquages. We use Google’s online translation services for quick loading times.

10/07/2008  We have added our new Barrier Crash Swing Gates! Extra heavy duty and designed to withstand impacts, our pricing is much lower than standard crash-rated gates.

9/05/2008  We will upload our new crash gates soon! Check back for details.

8/25/2008  We posted our super heavy duty speed bumps, speed humps, car stops, and traffic delineators today. Made from recycled rubber (car tires) they’re the finest, toughest, most affordable that we’ve found... incredibly priced!

8/24/2008  We posted even more instructions on our Instructions page. Now, you can download .dwg CAD files to see details of the Enforcer motorized traffic spike system.

The most popular page on our website has become the Nite-BiteTM page. Nite-BiteTM reflective teeth have met with overwhelming approval and are only available through We are the creator of Nite-BiteTM reflective teeth and hold the rights to the Patent Pending. Increase your level of safety and security with Nite-BiteTM reflective traffic spikes.

8/18/2008 is online. We’re not new to online sales of quality products. We look forward to serving our new customers just like we’ve served our other customers at businesses like (since 2001). Give us the opportunity to quote your access control needs... you’ll be glad that you did.

Visit our Home page at:

All content is copyright protected by GR8 MFG, LLC.  Nite-BiteTM is a trademark of GR8 MFG, LLC. TireShark™ and TrafficSpyker™ are brands of traffic safety equipment in the USA (™ by GR8 MFG, LLC)

We reserve the right to alter design specifications without prior notification (we upgrade finishing techniques and manufacturing processes as they become available). *25 year warranty covers manufacturing defect only, as determined by the manufacturer; TireShark™ brand traffic spike sections only; wear items, such as springs and bearings are not covered, but are easily replaced. It is rare that a broken spike is due to defect, it is usually caused by speeding vehicles. 5 mph max. Warranty begins on TireShark™ traffic spike sections purchased after 10/3/2014.

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